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Challenger - Galaxy

Challenger - Galaxy

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The faster cousin of the Champion as they share the revo carpet back however the Challenger front is our speed material made to cut through any bags or conditions. The revo carpet is ideal for blocking, rolling and curving without the typical carpet kick!

NOW AVAILABLE WITH OUR NEW RESIN 51 FILL! Resin 51 is a blend of our Alien Resin and Pro Blend Resin. This combination allows the bag to curve, flop, roll, and cut without the bounce that generally comes with that type of bag.

Take your game to the next level by using professional bags built with the highest quality materials and sewn with a CNC sewing machine to ensure consistency.

  • ACL Pro approved
  • New Resin 51 Specifically blended for carpet type bags. NEW FOR 2022!
  • 60 Day Warranty (Must provide proof of purchase from our site or one of our licensed resellers.)
  • Template Sewn
  • Double Seamed for extra durability


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