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Regulators - Galaxy

Regulators - Galaxy

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New and Improved for the 2023 Season!

The first bag to utilize our Winners Weave fabric and our Pro Blend Resin. The new Winners Weave fabric is a controllable slow side ideal for curving, cutting, or rolling a bag. The faster side of the bag is a polyester based fabric that can push through bags and is resistant to humidity. These two materials combined with our Pro Blend Resin makes this bag comfortable in the hand easy to manipulate to hit any shot.

  • ACL Pro Approved. This model is approved for play in American Cornhole League including National Pro evens. Ideal for any type or play from the backyard to sanctioned tournaments.
  • Professional Quality- Double stitched interior seam and double stitched closing seam filled with 454 grams of Pro Blend Resin. Size and weight of the bag are approved for play in most organizations
  • Durable- High quality upholstery grade fabric makes the Regulator durable and resistant to weather. Made in the USA.
  • Regulators utilize our NEW winners weave material a soft and controllable slow side that allows for curving, cutting, and flopping. Paired with a poly blend fast side this bag can be utilized in any type of game play.
  • 60 Day Warranty (Must provide proof of purchase from our site or one of our licensed resellers.)
  • Template Sewn
  • Double Seamed for extra durability

Hand wash and air dry for cleaning. These bags are a dry clean only fabric and will be damaged if they are boiled or put in a washer/dryer.


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