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It’s Not Just a Brand it’s a Lifestyle

Introducing ACL approved cornhole bags made by players for players! We also offer boards, apparel and accessories for the game. From the backyard to the bright lights of ESPN, we have the bags, boards and clothing for you!

About Us

Why the name Local? I have been playing the game since 2005 and many of my best friends I have met through this game we all love. We started on old unsanded plywood boards with corn filled duck cloth bags. I have seen the game grow from county fair tournaments to being on national television. One thing has never changed. No matter where I played I was among friends and felt like I was at home... So Local summed up how I feel about the game and the people that make it so great.

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When did we start?

Although around the game for many years we started production in 2017 after seeing the first ESPN 3 broadcast. We started like many small businesses. In the basement. Fortune was in our favor as Cody Henderson and Adam Hissner won the Florida national in January of 2018 using the Local 450s. Soon our little operation outgrew the basement and we were able to move to an actual facility.

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American Cornhole League Approved Cornhole Bags

You can Play Cornhole anywhere. From BBQs and tailgates to weddings and corporate events

If you want to take your game to the next level, we have the American Cornhole League  approved cornhole bags available in many different models and colors.

Our bags come in different models, each with its own unique feel and performance characteristics. 

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Top-Quality Pro Cornhole Boards

Players of all levels across America use our professional cornhole boards. Constructed of baltic birch with furniture-grade craftsmanship, our boards are stable, provide a consistent playing surface, and will last for years to come!

Local cornhole boards are constructed to ACL specifications with superior quality and durability.

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Cornhole Related Apparel and Accessories

Show your love of the game with Local Bags apparel. 

Our apparel is made from premium durable materials and is available in many colors and sizes for women and men. 

Try our comfortable T-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, leggings and more today!

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Made in the USA

Our products are manufactured in the USA. We ensure the highest quality and quick shipping times. Our bags come with a 60 day seam breakage warranty.

A Little Bit About Us

So, why the name Local? I started playing cornhole in 2005 and met many friends through a mutual love of the game. We began playing on old unsanded plywood boards with corn-filled duck cloth bags. The game grew exponentially, from county fair tournaments to national television. However, one thing never changed. No matter where I played, I was among friends and felt at home. It was that sense of community that inspired the name, Local. 

When did we start?

We are one of the original American Cornhole League Approved manufacturers, starting production in 2017. Like many small businesses, we began in a basement. Fortune was in our favor when Cody Henderson and Adam Hissner won the 2018 Florida national throwing Local Bags. Soon our little operation outgrew the basement, and we moved to our manufacturing facility located in Albany, Ohio. 

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Message from the owner

To this day it is an honor and an amazing feeling to see something you love so much shipping to all 50 states and several countries. I enjoy meeting the people from many different walks of life who have thrown the bags. As they say.... Only in America! Thank You for giving us a try!